Greenfield Close Development Ltd 

Llantwit Major, south Wales

March 2022 update

We completed the sale of the second house and the buyer moved in (left photo). The final 2 houses are reaching the completion stage with buyers eager to move in. 











December 2021 update

We have completed the first house and the buyers have moved in, they are really looking forward to a family Christmas together in their new home. The final three houses are close to being completed with kitchens and bathrooms being installed. 










September 2021 update

All four houses have been sold off plan and each one is entering the final stages of the construction process. 

July 2021 update

We have made fantastic progress with building the four houses. We have sold two off plan and are busy showing potential buyers around the final two houses.



January 2021 update 

All 4 houses have the concrete block walls and the roof trusses installed. It is very exciting to see progress with the windows and door starting to arrive.  We have agreed to sell 2 of the houses off plan and we are looking forward to creating beautiful homes for these buyers. Our sales agent is busy marketing the final 2 houses, locking in returns for our investors and de-risking the project.  


February 2020 update

We have purchased, for £340,000, a town centre site with planning permission to build 4 houses. The gross development value is £1,845,000. Construction is underway and expected to complete in summer / autumn 2021. Here are some photos of progress and computer generated images of what the houses will look like.

2021-03-13 front of plot 4.jpg
2021-02-19 rear of plot 1.jpg
2021-04-09 Front of plot 2.jpg
2021-06-23 plot 1.jpeg
2021-06-23 plot 2.jpeg
2021-06-23 plot 4 front.jpeg
2021-09-22 front of plot 1.jpg
2021-09-07 dining room plot 2.jpg
2021-09-21 rear of plot 2.jpg
Front Plot 1.jpg
Front Plot 3.jpg
Kitchen Plot 1.jpg